LR04 Richard Lewis: { you are here }

“Compositions of unbearable talent” — Zicazic
you are here art pochette
Third album from acclaimed songwriter and score composer Richard Lewis. A fixture on the Paris live circuit, Lewis effortlessly blends a range of influences from jazz, avant-rock and ambient to folk and electronica over ten captivating and atmospheric tracks. Seductive, assured and laid back, You Are Here is his most coherent and fully-realised work to date.

“In a whirlwind of creativity, instruments as diverse as flugelhorn, flute, violin, double bass and banjo, along with spikes of electronica and tribal percussion, all mix with a certain spontaneity, but no less ingenuity. This third personal album brings elegance and audacity together with sheer class to produce ten original pieces, in which the voice is more than just a supplement to compositions of unbearable talent!”


“Exiled recently in Paris, Englishman Richard Lewis took the time to bring with him in his luggage his taste for the crossover between styles and cultures and, above all, his extreme finesse in composition. Around a solid base of piano and voice, [Lewis] constructs and deconstructs rhythms of drums, layers of violins, horns and flutes, creating a dense world, rich with melody. Fed by influences ranging by turns from classical and contemporary, pop, free jazz and folk, this new album is the summit of elegance and sophistication.”





Flugelhorn, trumpet: Jean-Baptiste Bridon. Soprano Saxophone, flute: Jean-Hervé Michel. Violins: Laurence Freund. Musical saw: Nicolas Virani. Drums {8}: Sébastien Haupais. Double bass: Marc Gontelli. Piano, Fender-Rhodes, organ, guitars, electronics, banjo, hurdy gurdy, drums, percussion: Richard Lewis. Voices: Richard Lewis. Abigail Boucher {3}. Chanèze Kamoun {6}. Kotoko Osumi-Sutherland {9}.Written and produced by Richard Lewis, except {2}, {10} produced by Richard Lewis and Brian Wilshere. Sébastien Haupais’ drums recorded at Basement Studios, Paris. Session producer: Nick Buxton. Cover art by Angela Lewis. Design by Delevine Media.The song Anomie features extracts from ‘Perles de rêve’ by Jean Courdil, read by Ceres, Ezwa and Nadine Eckert-Boulet. Samples in the public domain from© and ℗ 2010 Richard Lewis under exclusive license to Louba Rêve Records. All rights reserved.

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