Minha Terra

First single release from the re-united Radio Delevine. Previously a live act, Radio Delevine is heading to the studio for a full album.

Frontenac and York

“Intelligent, heartfelt and soulful instrumentals … The music spans melancholic impressionism to bright, song-like structures, rich in images of postcard seasides, natural landscapes and the fuzzy warm glow of distant memories. This is a first class example of eclectic chamber music, nostalgic and intimate yet too enlightened to be sentimental.”

Ambient Music Guide

Music for Strings

“This latest CD, with its widescreen orchestral setting and classic English harmonic structures and melodies, can only confirm Brian’s status as one of our leading composers …”

The Musician


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Seven Memories

I was looking for the sound that long-forgotten memories make when unexpectedly stirred. You catch the most fleeting of glimpses. An old thought echoing in an empty room. Did we visit this part of the forest together, decades ago?