LR13 Richard Lewis Band – Live in Paris

A record that captures various live line-ups of Richard Lewis and musicians in Paris, between 2007 and 2012.

Includes 16-page PDF booklet of photos and posters.

Richard Lewis and Musicians (Tracks 1–5)
Laurence Freund – Violin
Aaron Roberston – Bass guitar
Amandine Origas – Piano
Richard Lewis – Guitar and vocals

Richard Lewis Band (Track 6)
Chloe Dunn – Violin
Laurence Freund – Violin
Thomas Hispa – Drums
Jean-Hervé Michel – Saxophones and flute
Claudio Zaretti- Double bass
Abgail Boucher – Backing vocals
Chaneze Kamoun – Backing vocals
Richard Lewis – Piano and vocals

Radio Delevine (Track 7)
Jane Burke – Cello
Chloe Dunn – Violin
John Hughes – Guitar
Aaron Robertson – Bass
Jimmy Virani – Theremin
Richard Lewis – Accordion and vocals

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