LR12 Richard Lewis – Frontenac and York

“A first class example of eclectic chamber music, nostalgic and intimate yet too enlightened to be sentimental.”

Ambient Music Guide


Richard Lewis, piano
Marcus Nimant, woodwinds
Pawel Kováč, violin
Lina Gruzska, cello
Orchestral parts recorded at CNSO Orchestra Studios, Prague.

For a time I was trying consciously to compose music that felt like memory. Before that I was attempting to capture music of the subconscious, improvising in the flow state. I began to wonder what happened if you combined the two. While writing music for the spoken word project 30 Walks, I had the opportunity to experiment with this. Focusing on a particularly evocative period from my childhood, I allowed myself to drift off and improvise at the piano. This is what the summer of ’78 sounds like to me.

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