LR01 Richard Lewis: Untitled

” … a small marvel, full of hidden treasures” — Indiepoprock
“Pick of the month … is Englishman Richard Lewis, exiled in France for five years. Classically trained and by turns jazz drummer, folk guitarist and composer of scores, [he] has created a perfect synthesis of his various influences and experiences. His new album, “Untitled” is a small marvel, full of hidden treasures, for which he summons not only flighty bursts of avant garde piano and folky guitar picking but also organ, accordion and banjo. The talent and technical prowess of this top-level musician are placed beyond doubt:
a kind of UFO in a world of self-produced work in which a garage tendency is the norm. After all these years of work, Richard Lewis has found the magic formula for a complex and extremely rich pop that one never tires of listening to. Difficult to single out a track, such is the success of all of these 11 titles, each of which is marked by the footprint of different musicians (there are ten guests on the album), who bring their touch of violin, oboe, theremin, flugelhorn or cello. Lovers of music and melancholy, this record could very quickly become your new favourite album …”

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