Life after minimalism

Louba Rêve has secured the first ever commercial releases of music by Brian Wilshere.

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Brian is an innovative and compelling British composer and percussionist, whose work has been performed throughout the UK and Europe.

Here we present two collections of recorded work, performed by Fine Arts Sinfonia and London Piano and Percussion Quartet. These stunning and beautifully-packaged documents are curated by Brian and remastered by Richard Lewis.

While he demonstrates a deep understanding and respect for the classical tradition, Wilshere has never fought shy of questioning the status quo, always pushing the boundaries of what concert music can be. Recalling influences as diametrically opposed as Steve Reich and Ralph Vaughan Williams, these recordings track some of Wilshere’s most innovative works, from the groundbreaking post-minimalist piece The Machine Stops to the provocative 2000cc, a commissioned concert piece for piano and percussion derived from modern dance beats.

The production was a long collaborative process and each live recording supplied by Brian was meticulously edited and remastered at Louba Rêve.

Artist biography
Listen to LR06 Chamber Music
Listen to LR07 Music for Percussion and Piano

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