LR16 Radio Delevine – Minha Terra

Well-loved Paris live act from the late noughties, regulars at fabled Manu Chao haunt the Babel Café, now revived for studio work. Album to follow.

Trade cover art features Richard, rare cover art version only available from us 🙂

Richard: Vocals. Tenor ukulele. Cavaquinho. Guitars. Bass. Piano. Percussion.
Luz: Backing vocals.
Jess: Violin
Tom: Cello

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LR13 Richard Lewis Band – Live in Paris

A record that captures various live line-ups of Richard Lewis and musicians in Paris, between 2007 and 2012.

Includes 16-page PDF booklet of photos and posters.

Richard Lewis and Musicians (Tracks 1–5)
Laurence Freund – Violin
Aaron Roberston – Bass guitar
Amandine Origas – Piano
Richard Lewis – Guitar and vocals

Richard Lewis Band (Track 6)
Chloe Dunn – Violin
Laurence Freund – Violin
Thomas Hispa – Drums
Jean-Hervé Michel – Saxophones and flute
Claudio Zaretti- Double bass
Abgail Boucher – Backing vocals
Chaneze Kamoun – Backing vocals
Richard Lewis – Piano and vocals

Radio Delevine (Track 7)
Jane Burke – Cello
Chloe Dunn – Violin
John Hughes – Guitar
Aaron Robertson – Bass
Jimmy Virani – Theremin
Richard Lewis – Accordion and vocals

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LR12 Richard Lewis – Frontenac and York

“A first class example of eclectic chamber music, nostalgic and intimate yet too enlightened to be sentimental.”

Ambient Music Guide


Richard Lewis, piano
Marcus Nimant, woodwinds
Pawel Kováč, violin
Lina Gruzska, cello
Orchestral parts recorded at CNSO Orchestra Studios, Prague.

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LR01 Richard Lewis: Untitled

” … a small marvel, full of hidden treasures” — Indiepoprock
“Pick of the month … is Englishman Richard Lewis, exiled in France for five years. Classically trained and by turns jazz drummer, folk guitarist and composer of scores, [he] has created a perfect synthesis of his various influences and experiences. His new album, “Untitled” is a small marvel, full of hidden treasures, for which he summons not only flighty bursts of avant garde piano and folky guitar picking but also organ, accordion and banjo. The talent and technical prowess of this top-level musician are placed beyond doubt:

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LR04 Richard Lewis: { you are here }

“Compositions of unbearable talent” — Zicazic
you are here art pochette
Third album from acclaimed songwriter and score composer Richard Lewis. A fixture on the Paris live circuit, Lewis effortlessly blends a range of influences from jazz, avant-rock and ambient to folk and electronica over ten captivating and atmospheric tracks. Seductive, assured and laid back, You Are Here is his most coherent and fully-realised work to date.

“In a whirlwind of creativity, instruments as diverse as flugelhorn, flute, violin, double bass and banjo, along with spikes of electronica and tribal percussion, all mix with a certain spontaneity, but no less ingenuity. This third personal album brings elegance and audacity together with sheer class to produce ten original pieces, in which the voice is more than just a supplement to compositions of unbearable talent!”


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